With the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 22nd February 2021 there is a route towards the end of Covid-19 restrictions, though even after Stage 4 (no earlier than 21st June 2021) it is likely some precautions will remain in place.

While internal decorating visits to clients’ properties have been possible since the latest restrictions began on 4th January 2021, there are a number of steps we have taken to ensure we work in the most Covid-19 secure environment.

As our teams have less than five workers we will carry out a visual Covid-19 risk assessment.  It is in everyone’s interest to be honest about Covid-19 symptoms and positive cases among my workers and clients; work can be rearranged if either my staff or client needs to self-isolate. With regards to customers who are shielding, the gov.uk instruction is ‘extra precaution’ such as working in a separate room.

Before every visit there will be a discussion with customers about the work taking place. While we normally do this, because of Covid-19 we will also discuss our precautions, what steps both my team and the customer needs to take, and how to minimise the risks involved.

During the visit we will maintain at least 2 metres distance from customers, increase ventilation on site, and wash/sanitise our hands frequently. All team members will wear appropriate face coverings.

Though we are friendly sociable decorators, while social distancing precautions remain in place myself and the team will not shake hands or touch our customers. Before Covid-19 we had long been in the habit of tidying up once we had completed work, as part of our Covid-19 precautions we will tell you which surfaces and areas we have been in contact with and clean them down. We will use antibacterial wipes and please be assured that we will clean thoroughly after ourselves, something we’ve always done, now with added anti-bac!

We have all the necessary insurance policies in place and are insured for damages up to £5 million and will always work safely and respectfully in your home.

If you’d like to know more or have any more specific questions, please get in touch.