In the previous blogs I’ve discussed some of our projects, and it might appear that we only do kitchens.

Updating kitchens to make them appear refreshed and modern is something we’re very proud of doing, though we can update all manner of cabinetry when we’re on the brush.

A white four-door wardrobe next to a small chest of drawers with four drawers.

Starting with wardrobes. Good, well made furniture can be expensive, so rather than replacing like for like at cost repainting wardrobes and bedroom cabinetry can help update a bedroom to give it a fresh lease of life.

Whether you are decorating the whole bedroom or just want to make the wardrobes look new, get in contact to have a Colour Consultancy. We have our own range of 40 colours for you to choose from.

Brushing up in bathrooms is something else we have done. It would have been expensive in terms of cost and space to replace the his and hers sink unit, so refreshing it while updating the bathroom means the well-made cabinetry continues to provide excellent value for money.

Decorating is no child’s play and a good finish takes skill and experience. Below a cupboard has been repurposed for toys, and it has benefitted from careful decorating. Before commencing work we discuss with clients how we’ll deliver their projects, and when we finish we make sure we tidy and clean up after ourselves – something we were doing before Covid-19.

Utility rooms can sometimes be left without redecorating or updating, despite being one of the most often used rooms (after all, dogs need cleaning after muddy walks). When a kitchen is updated we have also helped refresh the utility rooms.

As you see, there are not many projects we can’t turn our brushes to. Get in contact to have a discussion about how we can update your cabinetry.