Many of our most satisfied clients tend to be were we’ve been able to refresh and renew their already loved rooms. Given the cost and disruption that having a new kitchen installed, not to mention the waste involved, sometimes the best course of action is to work with what you’ve got.

It is easy to want to completely restart a renovation project, magazines and Pinterest are full of beautiful pictures of new cabinets and new worktops and new appliances. 

Though with greater emphasis on recycling and creating less waste, clients are reconsidering alternative ways of refreshing their kitchens. This kitchen in Otley is one such project. 

As you can see, during our preparation work we covered all areas that were not being painted. Decorators’ sheets were placed on the floor and the clients’ already gorgeous worktops were covered in plastic sheets.

The cabinetry was painted in Little Green Paint, with the uppers a lighter colour than the lower cupboards. The tired brown colours are completely forgotten in a new, warmer kitchen, with the blue shades making the whole room feel up-to-date. 

And by not removing their kitchen cabinetry, the clients were able to do their bit to avoid creating unnecessary waste.

If you are considering renewing your kitchen, or refreshing any room in your home for that matter, get in contact and see what we can do for you.